incinerators - frequently asked questions about incineration answered

Are incinerators licensed or regulated?

There is UK national and European legislation governing the specifications of incinerators:


Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have worked with incinerator manufacturers such as Waste Spectrum Environmental, to develop guidelines for the way in which incinerators operate. This has resulted in a 'type-approved' status being developed for incinerators. The application of the ‘type-approved’ status indicates that the incinerator in question conforms to DEFRA guidelines regarding emissions and efficiency.


There is European legislation in place which governs the standard of incinerators and which details acceptable levels of emissions. All incinerators used in the EU are required to conform to this legislation. Reputable manufacturers will be able to quote that their incinerators conform to EU Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) No, 1774/2002.

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