incinerators - frequently asked questions about incineration answered

Are all incinerators static and fixed in one location?

Not all incinerators are static – some models, up to a certain size, are also available in mobile form. Specifically designed mobile incinerators are also available, built to be regularly moved, for emergency situations and to incinerate large volumes of waste.


Mobile incinerators with integral trailers can be towed quickly to where they are needed. They have a flexibility which enables them to be used in a variety of locations, for a variety of purposes. For the benefits of mobile incineration see ‘Why should I incinerate?’.

Static incinerators are more appropriate for static facilities where there is a regular throughput of waste. Some lower volume, static incinerators are available in a mobile form, on trailers, which may be useful for certain sizes of farm or facility where a limited degree of mobility are desirable.

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